Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs, also known as "cavies", make great pets for pet owners of all ages, from young children to grown adults. We often recommend them as a wonderful first pet due to their docile nature and easy maintenance. They also have a great temperament and are the perfect size for children to handle.


Guinea pigs are herbivores and should only eat plants and plant matter. They have short digestive tracts so they need to graze all day. Their diet should consist of 75% hay, 20% pellets and 5% fruits and vegetables. They should never have seeds, grains like wheat or corn and NEVER any sugar.

Always provide fresh water daily. We recommend offering fresh batches of hay 2-3 times a day. Fresh veggies should be offered daily but fruits should be given extremely sparingly because of their sugar content. Variety is key. Alternate between different hays such as Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass.

Vitamin C is very important for the health of your guinea pig. Cavies, along with humans and primates such as monkeys, are the only animals not capable of producing their own Vitamin C. Provide lots of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits along with supplements to keep them healthy. Not receiving Vitamin C can also lead to scurvy.

We use and recommend:

Oxbow Food and Hays
Carefresh Bedding

We also carry a large assortment of cages, wooden and willow branch chews, treats and accessories.