A healthy dog starts with a healthy diet.

Dogs are carnivores and should have a protein-rich diet. They are also able to eat fruits and vegetables which are often found in the stomachs of their prey. We recommend using a high-quality, grain-free diet for better digestion and more nutrition. Raw food is ultimately most natural for dogs because it closely mimics their ancestral diet. Even if you cannot feed your dog completely on a raw diet, supplementing their meals with raw food adds many nutrients and enzymes they normally would not get from cooked food.

The things you want to avoid having in your dog food is by-products and low quality grains like wheat or corn. "By-products" is an industry term for ingredients that are deemed inappropriate for human consumption. Inexpensive grains should be avoided because they provide little nutritional value and is not easily digested. Another issue is that because of their inexpensive cost, they are often stored improperly subjecting them to mold and bugs.

Healthy Dog Foods We Carry:

Canine Caviar
Blue Buffalo
Nature's Variety Instinct
Taste of the Wild

Raw Foods We Carry:

Instinct by Nature's Variety
Vital Essential
Dr. B's Raw Food
K9 Natural