Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash.
That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with a cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.
- Mark Twain


Cats are obligate carnivores meaning they are designed to hunt, kill and eat. This means they require a high protein, nutrient-dense diet. Because they have evolved from the desert, cats also gain most of their hydration from their prey. We recommend feeding your cat either a wet canned or raw diet. We also recommend adding water to their food so that it has a chili consistency. Dry kibble should only be offered in case of emergencies. In nature, their prey consists of two-thirds moisture whereas kibble only contains around 8%. Kibble is also high in carbohydrates that is necessary to bind the product together and is also high in preservatives that cats do not tolerate well. Ultimately, we recommend raw diets because they have nutrients and enzymes that have not been altered from high-heat and also contain no preservatives whatsoever.


Hunt, kill and eat. That is the routine to keep a happy and healthy cat. Playing provides physical exercise for your cat. Once your cat learns the routine, she will enjoy playing more and more. Play with your cat for 15 minutes before every feeding. We recommend using a wand toy, like Neko Flies, so that you can interact and bond with your cat. This allows your cat to utilize their energy and hunting instincts creating a more calm and confident cat. Many aggressive or timid behaviors can be addressed with healthy playtime.

Daily Grooming

Though cats are one the cleanest animals, there are still certain grooming tasks that need to be performed daily for your cat's health. Here are a few recommendations we often offer to our feline guardian customers:

Hair and Coat

We recommend brushing your cat daily with a variety of tools that depend on your cat's particular coat. Use a wire slicker brush to exfoliate your cat's skin, remove dander, stimulate new growth and to spread your cat's natural oils. Brushing with a wire slicker also aids in proper detoxing as cats do so through their skin.

Dental Care

For years, a common myth lead many cat parents to believe that crunchy, dry kibble will keep their cat's teeth clean. There has been very little scientific facts that back this theory. In fact, it is actually proven wrong by many recent studies. The only way to keep your cat's teeth clean is by brushing them daily. Using an enzymatic toothpaste designed for cats, you will be able to keep your cat's teeth and gums healthy. Simply brush the toothpaste onto your cat's teeth. There is no need to brush away the plaque because the toothpaste uses enzymes to eat away any debris unlike human toothpaste which requires physical brushing.

The only exception to this is through a raw diet. One of the many benefits in feeding your cat raw food in addition to raw meaty bones is the occurrence of clean, healthy teeth and gums due to the enzymes naturally found and the scrubbing when chewing raw meaty bones.

"Thump the Thymus"

Dr. Buchoff, a leading holistic veterinarian, recommends this rather unusual yet highly beneficial daily practice. Thumping your cat's sternum, the chest bone found between the front legs, will stimulate your cat's thymus gland, resulting in a release of stress, anxiety and negative energy resulting in a boost in the immune system and creating a calmer, happier cat.


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