Adopt a Pet

Over the years, we have found forever homes for HUNDREDS of pets!

All of our animals at Brookdale Pet Center are foster pets looking to be adopted.
Each have their own unique stories and personalities.

Here are some pets that are ready for adoption!



Harper is a one year old male dwarf rabbit looking for a forever home! He’s feisty and loves to explore, but will also kick back for a few pets.



Cole is a cute young guinea pig who is about 7 months old as of this July. He is extremely affectionate and enjoys getting rubbed under his chin and behind his ears. Cole absolutely loves taking naps all curled up like a cat and adores cuddling with people. He is all around a sweet little pig who would do great with any family that will give him lots of love, as he can be a bit of an attention hog!



Garnet is an adult bearded dragon with a mellow and sweet personality. She spends most of her time relaxing and sunbathing on her hammock. And there's nothing she loves more than soaking in a nice warm bath! Unfortunately, not all of Garnet's life has been easy, and due to improper care prior to being brought to Brookdale Pet Center, she has a few health issues her new owners will have to help her with. 


Sierra is a one year old, female leopard gecko. She was abandoned with Tango because their owner could not care for them. Her unique coloring is called a “blizzard” morph that gives her a vibrant purple hue. She always demands attention as soon as the sun goes down, and will come out of her hide to ask for play time!



Tango is a one year old female gecko who was unable to be cared for by her old owner anymore.  She was surrendered with Sierra. With the classic leopard gecko morph, she’s sure to capture your heart!


Willow and Buffy

Willow and Buffy are two one year old Lop eared Rabbits. Coming from a local animal shelter, these sisters are incredibly affectionate and are never far from each other.



Bowser is a very lucky bearded dragon. He was found by a local animal shelter after being lost on the streets and was in pretty rough shape. With the help of the shelter, and our vet Dr. Krausman, we were able to nurse Bowser back to health. While regaining his strength, he quickly started to show his surprisingly spunky and increasingly energetic personality. Despite missing a few toes and one of his back feet, he is determined to climb and run just like any other lizard. He is a wonderful companion to humans and is a very special dragon with a zest for life.



Rango is a one year old bearded dragon. He is slowly learning to trust people with being held and is becoming more and more social. He can often be seen sitting on his hammock slowly waving his front hands at us, which is seen as a peaceful sign of greeting among bearded dragons. Rango is a talented hunter of crickets and sports a beautiful pattern of spots on his back and belly.



Jamie is a 4 year old dwarf lionhead mix rabbit. She is extremely mellow and loves be to groomed and petted, making her great with children. While some rabbits want to run and jump around, Jamie is the kind of bunny that would rather just hang out on someone's lap and be petted, although she wouldn't pass up and opportunity to explore around (at her own leisurely pace of course)!


Ferdinand - ADOPTED!

Ferdinand is a 4 year old male guinea pig who came to us because his previous owners developed an allergy to guinea pigs. He had another male cagemate that passed away from illness, and loves getting extra attention from the people around him.


Bluebell - adopted!

Bluebell is a female rabbit of undetermined age that came to us through a local shelter. She had been left on their doorstep in a dirty carrier. Despite this, she is extremely friendly and will run to the edge of her cage to be pet.


Cinder - ADOPTED!

Cinder is a 1 year old guinea pig who came to us with her sister, Soot, through Bloomfield Animal Shelter. Soot unfortunately passed away, but Cinder is ready to give just as much love as two guinea pigs to her new family!